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Can you Make Money on Pinterest fast? Yes, there’re methods that can help you make a lot of income from Pinterest. If you ask me a number, then I would say if you’re consistent with Pinterest Marketing and publish high engaging vertical pins daily for 7-8 months, then you can expect an income of $500 to $2000+ per month from Pinterest and your online income source.

Pretty straight forward, right?

It has to be. I don’t want to you to take part in any penny-making task. Instead, I want you to think outside the box and have a vision. People are making a lot of income from the Internet and you can achieve that too!

Pinterest is, by far, the best platform to make money online. It promotes click-worthy content to the target audience (Pinterest Users in this case). It gives you a lot of traffic and your job is to create persuasive content to convert them into a customer. Pockets filled!

I know, there’s a long debate among digital marketing people about…


You must be thinking about an obvious question – Why Pinterest? I can totally get it! Our Internet has many other giant social media platforms like FacebookInstagramTwitter, or whatever is famous in your region. But I’ve got a strong reason to make you focus on Pinterest only. And that reason is the ‘Impression & Click‘ algorithm.

Other social media are focusing on keeping their user on their own platform. For example, you click a link on Facebook and it shows a warning page before leaving the platform. It makes people afraid of losing their privacy. On the other hand, Instagram doesn’t give a place to put a link, except in the bio.

But… *drum roll*

Pinterest is the most suitable platform for the bloggers and Online Promoters as the whole concept is about saving (pinning) the ideas of your interest into one place. So, when a user likes a blog post or wants to read it later, she simply pins it to the board. Boom!

For some of my fellow bloggers, Pinterest is the main source of traffic on their blogs. And the conversions are quite high too!


I’m providing you with a brief tutorial on 4 epic ways to make money on Pinterest like a digital media beast. You’ll scale your online business to new heights of success. The secret is in your consistency to create the best possible content on a daily basis. You then target your user.

People buy anything. Do not underestimate their buying capacity. Many companies are already making millions in your field and all you must do is ‘Create better content/product and share it to the same target audience‘.

Now, let’s see the best possible ways to make money on Pinterest…


This is the best method to make money online. On average, a blogger makes $1500+ per month from blogging. It’s huge what people are earning online with their blogging business.

The best part? It’s easy and cheap to start a blog. The investment is as low as $2.89 per month with Hostinger for WordPress Web Hosting + FREE domain name to make a successful blog.

So, if you don’t know already, the Pinterest users are fond of saving the best links as a pin on their profile. They like something, they save it. Pinterest promotes the highest saving pins to other users looking for similar content. This means Pinterest is automatically promoting your content to your target audience.

Organic Traffic Stats Illustration

You just need to write good content on your blog and monetize it with Ad NetworksAffiliate MarketingSponsored Posts, and whatever suits your blog. Pinterest will send the traffic and you’ll be earning a lot of income from different blog income sources at once.

Generally speaking, Blogging is the best field and you’ll definitely realize it once you learn how to make money online. Starting as soon as possible makes you earn more before your competitive blogs.


Don’t worry if you’re not ready to start a blog. Some of the affiliate programs can give you promotional materials without any website verification. So, instead of putting the URL of your blog post, you simply place an affiliate link attached to the pin.

Email Marketing by Bloggerable

Keep one thing in mind, this method works but the conversion rates are really low since users are directly sent to the landing page without any prior information. It can create low trust and authority rates. But I’ve seen many people doing it and they are making a good amount of money from it.

My suggestion is, if you cannot afford web hosting, invest in a domain name ( that hardly costs $5-8 for a year. Create a free blog on Google’s Blogger and link your domain name. Write some details about the affiliate product and promote the link with pins. I’m not asking you to write blog posts. Just a one page brief about the product and you’re able to promote it for a lifetime.

Action Tip: Create a Business Pinterest Account in a particular niche. Be active and engage users. Find different affiliate programs (search ‘brand name’ + ‘affiliate’ on google and you’ll get some pretty amazing deals. If they require a website, you can try the Blogger platform, just make sure to have a custom domain name. Publish content daily and send visitors to Product pages. The conversions will be low but the payout will be better as per the affiliate commissions standard.

You’ll get high commissions since some of the programs give you recurring commissions monthly. It will take time.


This method is for those who find themselves in the creative field but don’t want to start a blog or don’t want the hassle of managing affiliate networks. You can, create a problem solving digital product for your targeted customers. Promote it on Pinterest among your target audience and let them buy your product.

Gumroad Review for Selling Digital Products Bloggerable

It’s as simple as that. It hardly takes 1-3 months to create a lifetime product. Once it’s done, all you have to do is ‘Promotion‘. And you’ll never find a better platform to promote your digital product, rather than Pinterest.

You can create different digital products like:

  • E-Books
  • Tools or Software
  • Course
  • Digital Services

There’re unlimited possibilities to make money by selling digital products on Pinterest. And here comes our…

Action Tip: Create a Digital Product that really solves a problem. Go to Gumroad and create a free creator account. We will use Gumroad to sell your products. Complete your profile and Publish your product. Get the link and promote it with relevant pins on Pinterest. You can also reach to big bloggers and make a deal of promotion in return for the free product for them. That’s it!

The conversion rate is affected by reviews and promotions among the right audience. Keep that in mind!


One of the best things that I like about Amazon is its approach to customers, shops, and the middlemen. Though it brings the customer and manufacturer on the same platform, it also provides a secret space to the promoters and advertisers. And they call it – Amazon Associates.

Pinterest and Blog for Amazon Associate Bloggerable

Amazon Associates is a platform where anyone can promote any listed product on Amazon and can get a commission when the user purchases the product. This simply means that you need to send the right customer to their site to get the sales done.

What’s the role of Pinterest here?

Actually, Pinterest is the backbone of this Amazon commission earning system. It’s one of the easiest methods if you want to make money on Pinterest without a blog or website.

The good news is… You can activate your Amazon Associate account by linking your Pinterest Business Account. I’ve seen people making more than $500 per month with Amazon Associate and Pinterest.

Action Tip: Choose your target niche (aka topic) to promote niche based products on Pinterest. Go to Pinterest and create a new business account. Create 5 boards with similar phrases of your niche and fill them with 20-30 high-quality pins. Then, go to Amazon Associates and create a new account and verify it via your Pinterest profile. In your associate’s dashboard, search for similar niche products and make high-quality pins for them. Publish 30-50 pins a day for the best results. When someone will buy the products on Amazon from your link, you’ll get a 6-12% commission.

You must become famous among your niche audience. The more they see you, the more they click!


Pinterest has already become a competitive platform for creators and business owners. Every day, an average business account on Pinterest publishes 30-70 pins a day. This makes it difficult for new Pinterest Creators to get high reach…

And my magical secret to Pinterest success is…

Well, to be quite honest, there’s nothing like a secret recipe for Pinterest famous. But… There’re some tactics that can help you achieve high engagement rates quickly. Just stick to a long term goal and perform actively on Pinterest.

My 3 Pinterest Hacks for Making Money are…


I’m literally not kidding when I’m suggesting you to buy a yearly subscription (saves money) of Tailwind for auto pinning on Pinterest. Just look at this image, I achieved a reach of 2.5 million from a single pinI didn’t expect this exploding figure within 8 days of joining Tailwind!

Tailwind Review Pinterest Reach Bloggerable

First of all, if you want to use Tailwind for Free, then just go there and they will give you the first 100 pins absolutely free. No cards, nothing! + with my link for Tailwind, you’ll get an additional $15 OFF on your premium plan.

The algorithms of Pinterest are also changing and Pinterest will be partial towards big business accounts due to strict policies. Build yourself one now to get benefits later and earn passing income with the auto pinning system.


It is a weird fact and I’ve rarely seen anything like this on any big social media platform but it is true. No one can deny the fact that Pinterest has almost 70% active users with a ‘Female‘ profile. Women are dominating this amazing traffic generating social media platform on full throttle. This really affects your success rate on Pinterest.

Pinterest Demographic for Women Bloggerable

Is it even important to consider this point?

Yes! Since we know that the active users of Pinterest are women, the content creating and niche system on Pinterest is also tilted towards the demand of women users. By all means, Pinterest is famous for Home DecorTravel TipsDIY ideas, and Make Money as Women.

So, in my personal observations and what other bloggers have to agree upon, you can get better results on Pinterest if you create women-oriented content. And if you want a straight forward answer?! Then, choose bright colors with elegant fonts. It works crazy on Pinterest!


One of the best parts about Pinterest Marketing is that you really don’t need huge followers to get your content famous. The algorithms of Pinterest always favor Bloggers and Content Marketing Agencies who want to promote their content among the users of Pinterest.

Pinterest Group Boards

To make Pinterest a happy and actionable place for all, the creators of this platform have created an option of building or joining Group Boards. These are the boards where several Pinterest Profiles are joined together to create and publish high-quality pins for the followers of the Group Boards.

For anyone having zero to low followers, joining the relevant Group Board is very important. Because you always need some people to showcase your content. Publishing in Group Boards simply helps your Pin reach the Board followers.

You can use PinGroupie – It’s a free service that lets you find relevant group boards for your niche. You can find all the highest performing group boards to get lots of Pin impressions and clicks.


With these amazing ways to make money on Pinterest, you need to have a strong mind to make money online. Most of the people who can’t make money or make just a penny, didn’t wait for the results. They want quick results and that is not possible in most cases. Maybe, you can go viral but not everything goes viral on the Internet.

If you like this post, share it with people who can earn income online. If you’ve any doubts, feel free to share in the comments. Keep reading good stuff and build yourself recurring passive income.

Good Luck,

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