Best Modern Paint Colors for Bedrooms

If you’re need a change in the bedroom, you don’t necessarily need to revamp the entire space. New bedroom furniture, decorations and flooring can cost a pretty penny at the end of the day, and not everyone is inclined to make such a dramatic change to start with. In many cases, simply changing up the paint in a room can give a space a major facelift.

If you’re not sure what kind of paint to use or what color combinations go well together, fret no more! We have a fabulous lineup of some of the best modern paint colors for bedrooms with varying color combinations that are sure to get you inspired!

Modern Paint Colors for Bedroom

#1. Pale Pallet

Misty, Sherwin Williams 6232

This wonderfully pale pallet is set in Misty paint by Sherwin Williams. The relaxing pale grey color on the walls virtually matches all of the rest of the room. Instead of looking washed out or boring, this room actually has a lot of depth to it, even without contrasting colors.


#2. Peppery Gray

SW7674 Peppercorn, Sherwin Williams

This room is painted in Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams. The smoky, peppery gray color is a more prominent theme throughout the room, but oddly enough, there isn’t too much gray due to the contrasts. The matching embellishments such as the bedspread and furnishings only bring out the smoky gray.


#3. Blue Escape

Valspar Paint – Fountain Mist

Escape into a blue façade with this wonderful paint by Valspar Paint in Fountain Mist. The color is as light and airy as the mist you’d feel from an actual fountain. The clear, blue presence of the walls makes the hanging art look especially gorgeous with such a crisp canvas to sit on.


#4. Pale Blue

Slate Blue 1648, Benjamin Moore

This gorgeous bedroom would be the perfect setup to go rest, take a load off and drift into a peaceful sleep in. The color of the walls is Slate Blue by Benjamin Moore. Just as one would expect a slate color to be, this brighter grayish blue offers hints of lavender that make the room absolutely stunning.


#5. Purple Dream

Benjamin Moore #2115-5- Iced Mauve

This bedroom is peaceful in a subdued lavender color. The color is called Iced Mauve by Benjamin Moore #2115-5. The color is almost like a frosted lavender color and equally as serene. This would be an ideal color for a baby’s nursery or even a master bedroom.


#6. Light Blue

Sherwin Williams, Glass Slipper: SW – 1632

This color is almost a whitish blue, with crisp notes of cream and bright highlights in pale blue. The color is Glass Slipper SW – 1632 by Sherwin Williams. This more pale color is a great way to revamp a bedroom because it has the freedom of white walls with a touch of added color.


#7. Vivid Green

Sweet Pea 2013-30, Benjamin Moore

Green is totally in these days. Green cars, green kitchen sets, so why not green bedrooms? This fantastic, bright green color is sure to be eye-catching as well as make the room feel happy and pleasing to be in. This would make a great color for a kid’s bedroom or even a swanky art studio.


#8. Pale Green

Sea Salt SW 6204 – Green Paint Color, Sherwin-Williams

This room is almost the exact opposite of the vivid green we saw in the last photo. This pale green color is called Sea Salt SW 6204 by Sherwin Williams. The room in this photo feels more serene with this more subdued color opposed to the previous, louder green color that dominated the room.


#9. Magic Purple

Vintage Charm, Benjamin Moore

This bedroom is set in a magic purple hue in Vintage Charm by Benjamin Moore. The color is a deep, mysterious purple that is perfect for a more modern bedroom since it’s not a typical color you’d see in a bedroom. The color makes the other colors of the room stand out beautifully.


#10. Cream Dream

Ivory White 925, Benjamin Moore

This wonderfully serene bedroom features plenty of light colors. The cream walls are paired well with all the oak furniture and the cozy bedding. This would be a perfect bedroom setup for a country house or even a guest house near a lake. The colors all coincide well together.


Popular Color for Bedroom

#11. Beachy Bedroom

Wickham Gray HC-171, Benjamin Moore

This popular color is a great hit among decorators near beaches, such as Florida and California. This beachy color is called Wickham Gray HC – 171 by Benjamin Moore and there’s a reason it’s so popular among beach goers due to the tropical vibe it gives off.


#12. Clean Atmosphere

Topsail by Sherwin Williams SW6217

There’s something about light and airy colors and tones that make a bedroom feel clean and comfortable. In this bedroom, popular color Topsail by Sherwin Williams is painted on the walls, helping to bring out that crisp, clean feeling.


#13. Modern Bedroom

Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball

This classic, yet modern bedroom has a darker swing to things, but it just works with this glorious color. The color on the walls is Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball, and the color is sweeping with mysterious intrigue. This would make the perfect paint for a master bedroom, adorned with modern embellishments.


#14. Bright Yellow

Valspar Paint – Butter Cookie

This wonderfully happy and bright bedroom is a platform for this fantastic color by Valspar Paint. Rightfully named Butter Cookie, this color is sure to bring out the best emotions and help you leave your worries at the door. It’s nearly impossible to be down in a bedroom this bright and sunny.


#15. Pink Paradise

Pink Eraser 2005-50 by Benjamin Moore

This wonderfully pink bedroom would be the ideal setup for a children’s room. This color, Pink Eraser by Benjamin Moore, brings out some of the most mellow, yet happy tones, ideal for a children’s playroom or bedroom. You don’t see this more subdued pink color so often, so it’s definitely a modern spin.


#16. Grays and Yellows

Sparrow AF-720, Benjamin Moore

This bedroom features plenty of calming gray attributes with some mellower yellow colors thrown into the mix. The main ingredient to this charming set up is the wonderfully gray walls in Sparrow by Benjamin Moore. This would make a great colorscape for a master bedroom.


#17. Lake Colors

Ceiling: Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005,
Wall: Benjamin Moore stony brook

This bedroom’s walls look as if you’ve become submerged in a clear, blue lake. The color on the walls is Stony Brook by Benjamin Moore and the classic white color on the ceiling is Pure White by Sherwin Williams. These two colors combined make a great nature scene come alive in the bedroom.


#18. Oceanside Bedroom

Barnboard CC-572, Benjamin Moore

This calming Oceanside bedroom features a wonderful base color, Barn board by Benjamin Moore. This deep-set color of the walls creates an interesting canvas for the rest of the bedroom, allowing the wooden furniture to stand out.


#19. Classic Bedroom

Martha Stewart 8073 Birds Nest Match

This classic, vintage inspired bedroom has all the right color schemes to make this room feel pleasant and calm. The color of the walls is Birds Nest Match by Martha Stewart. The rest of the room’s decorations and furnishings pair well with the more subdued color.


#20. Pale and Peaceful

Just Walnut, Dulux

This bedroom emanates that calming effect. With all those subdued colors, you’d have to be pretty fried not to feel at peace in this bedroom. The color of the walls is Just Walnut by Dulux and is a mix of eggshell and cream. The gorgeous color allows the natural light to shine through the bedroom.


#21. Tropical Paradise

Silvermist, Sherwin Williams

This bedroom emanates that calming effect. With all those subdued colors, you’d have to be pretty fried not to feel at peace in this bedroom. The color of the walls is Just Walnut by Dulux and is a mix of eggshell and cream. The gorgeous color allows the natural light to shine through the bedroom.


#22. Seattle Inspired

Fizzle, DE5715 Dunn Edwards

This refreshing bedroom is completely Seattle inspired by the use of dark wooden furniture with a more modern color scheme. The walls, for example, create a calming space in the bedroom, allowing the clean look of the furniture to come through. The walls are Fizzle by Dunn Edwards.

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#23. Teal and Blue

Calypso, Sherwin Williams

This wonderful bedroom is set in a bluish teal color that is adoringly modern. The color of the walls is Calypso by Sherwin Williams. This fun, vibrant color is sure to be the hit of the house since it’s not only fun, but calming, as well.


#24. Medium Tones

Crisp Romaine, Benjamin Moore

This bedroom is set with medium tones, from everything from the walls, to the bedding to the floor. The walls are in Crisp Romaine by Benjamin Moore and allow for the bedroom’s more modern setting to flourish through. This is a great master bedroom idea.


#25. Contemporary Bedroom

The blue is Distance from Sherwin-Williams

This bedroom is wonderfully contemporary – something you’d find in a swanky neighborhood in Portland or Austin. The blue walls are in Distance by Sherwin Williams and really let the rest of the interesting elements within the room shine through.


#26. Transitional Bedroom

Benjamin Moore 1509 Spanish Olive

This peaceful bedroom has plenty to talk about. It’s not entirely common to see a full carpeted bedroom these days, so the fact that there is carpet is an interesting feature in itself, but the way it blends with the walls is especially interesting. The color of the walls is Spanish Olive by Benjamin Moore.


#27. Happy Blue

Benjamin Moore, MT. Rainer Gray

This more subdued blue setting throughout this bedroom is set in Mt. Rainer Gray walls by Benjamin Moore. The setting of this bedroom is especially happy due to the great wall paper right outside the bedroom itself. You can’t go wrong with floral patterns.


#28. Beige Walls

Olympic, Stormy Weather (D16-3)

These walls bring in a calming effect due to the more subdued beige color. The color is called Olympic by Stormy Weather and this bedroom is truly made because of it. All of the furnishings and bedding has been hand-picked to match this calming color.


#29. Girl’s Bedroom

Churchill Hotel Vanilla, Valspar

This bedroom could be heaven for a little girl or even pre-teen. The hot pink attributes really make the colors in this bedroom pop. The foundation, the beige walls in Churchill Hotel Vanilla by Valspar, really help all the other attributes stand out on their own.


#30. Blue and Coral

In the Midnight Hour 1666, Benjamin Moore

Do blue and coral commonly go together? If they don’t, then they certainly need to start. The color scheme of this bedroom is marvelous and entirely modern. The color of the walls is called In the Midnight Hour 1666 by Benjamin Moore. Truly gorgeous!


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