Best Vegan Dinner Recipes – Easy Vegan Ideas You’ll Love

Do you find yourself asking the same question every night – ‘what’s for dinner?’ And are you bored of hearing the same answer?

Well, we want to help put a stop to boring dinners and invite you to check out our compilation of mouth-watering vegan dinner recipes.

10. Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

You’ll be blown away by how savory and rich this is.

Check recipe here


Replace greasy wings at a Super Bowl party with these spicy-crunchy cauliflower bites.

Check recipe here

8. Vegan Pizza

This cheese free pizza is super simple to throw together and perfect for family pizza night

Check recipe here

7. Vegan Cauliflower Tacos

These vegan cauliflower tacos are a fan favorite! The filling stars our crispy breaded cauliflower (baked, not fried), which are reminiscent of the texture of fish tacos.

Check recipe here

6. Simple Chickpea Bolognese

Guess what? Pasta got a makeover and it’s ridiculously delicious.

Check recipe here.

5. Spicy potato cakes

These easy golden brown potato pancakes are spiced with garlic, paprika and thyme and are perfect to make for breakfast or brunch

Check recipe here.

4. Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

The ultimate Vegan Lentil Shepherd’s Pie featuring rich, flavourful, saucy lentils topped with fluffy, creamy mashed potatoes & baked until deliciously golden brown & crispy. Easy, healthy, comforting and filling!

Check recipe here.

3. Black Bean Burgers with Creamy Tahini Garlic Sauce

The best healthy vegan black bean burgers are gluten free, packed with veggies and filled with plenty of spices.

Check recipe here.


Make your meal planning easy with this AMAZING vegan, gluten-free one-pot burrito bowl recipe.

Check recipe here.

1. Garlicky Sweet Potato Noodle Pasta

Friends, are you ready for some next-level alfredo pasta? I know – who isn’t? Let’s do this!

Check recipe here.

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